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Commercial Litigation

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Despite their best efforts one party or another involved in a deal breach their duties and responsibilities.  In such cases arbitration or litigation in court becomes the only recourse for justice and restitution.

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When litigation becomes necessary, the The Whittier Law Group (WLG) believes in the old axiom: “The best defense is a good offense.”  Accordingly, we will employ all legal means and over 25 years of courtroom experience to vigorously prosecute or defend our client’s interests before U.S. and foreign courts.

Even where arbitration is the chosen forum for settling disputes in a business relationship, WLG will employ decades of experience and professional relationships to represent the client’s interests before the chosen tribunal, so that the arbiters of fact and law will be fully appraised of the meritorious status of our client’s claims.

The WLG attorneys always first perform extensive early analysis to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a client’s case to determine the most effective means of achieving a favorable solution to the legal problem involved.  This includes the decision as to whether or not to pursue the route of litigation at all.

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Our New York litigation attorneys take a notable number of cases to trial every year, where we utilize seasoned skills in implementing the tactical and strategic measures that determine the success or failure of a case.

Our firm specializes in obtaining creditor judgments for clients seeking to enforce foreign judgments obtained in other states or outside the U.S. altogether.  Increasingly, unscrupulous business people are taking advantage of less stringent credit checks being conducted by business partners in Europe and Asia. They are also benefitting from lax foreign enforcement of money judgments.  These companies are obtaining goods and services on credit that they then fail to pay for.  Due to the status of the United States and particularly New York as a financial center, these companies often hold substantial assets in the U.S.  The WLG can utilize its considerable legal and investigative facilities to track and identify the location of these debtor companies’ U.S. assets and then proceed to enforce our clients’ judgment against those assets.  We also represent clients in courts and arbitration proceedings outside of the U.S.

Our global network of attorneys allows the Whittier Law Group to appear, prosecute or defend our clients’ cases on virtually every continent on the globe.  And while our attorneys have decades of experience before jury and/or judge, the fact is that the overwhelming majority of litigation is resolved either through motion practice and/or settlement.  It is our trial preparation and proactive discovery that helps us file more effective motions and obtain more favorable settlements on behalf of our clients.

Although no result in litigation can be absolutely assured, WLG does assure our clients that their case will be handled in an aggressive, proactive manner, with the highest professional and ethical standards of representation available.


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Our litigation department is regularly required to advise public and private companies and boards of directors in a variety of areas ranging from control and corporate maintenance issues to shareholder matters.  Our attorneys have conducted internal investigations of both public and private entities, including retentions by independent board members of publicly held companies.


canstockphoto3950921Charles A. Whittier
, a law graduate of the University of London (SOAS) and was formerly the managing partner for the litigation department with the Whittier & Florestal law firm. He is a practicing member of the Bar in New York, England & Wales, Bermuda and Zimbabwe, having represented commercial clients in the courts of all of these jurisdictions.  He represents secured, unsecured, and subordinated creditors, equity security holders, sureties and insurers of financially troubled enterprises, both in the United States and abroad, with particularly deep experience in failed and failing real estate and construction projects, mass-tort, and bankruptcy related matters.

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