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To remain competitive, protect market position and brand integrity, businesses need skilled legal advisors to pilot them through the ever-changing world of intellectual property (IP) law. Two key areas of IP law for most businesses is copyrights and trademarks. Whether it is the artistic or monetary value of the written word, or the trade designs, logos and other marks that distinguish a brand in the marketplace, the Whittier Law Group (WLG) can assist the client to preserve, protect and monetize their intellectual property.
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Today, business is global and therefore any enterprise must be mindful to protect
its intellectual property in the global marketplace. The Internet makes all marks, logos or other
symbols that distinguish a product or service vulnerable to theft or misuse. Accordingly, our
worldwide network of intellectual property attorneys, will utilize their skills and experience to
register, monitor and protect trademarks and service marks throughout the world.

In particular, we provide all legal services related to trademarks including:
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[tlt_list_item]Trademark Registration (including Madrid Protocol)[/tlt_list_item]
[tlt_list_item]Defense Against False Advertising Claims[/tlt_list_item]
[tlt_list_item]Trademark Defense and Maintenance[/tlt_list_item]
[tlt_list_item]Service Marks Registration[/tlt_list_item]
[tlt_list_item]Protection Against Unfair Competitive Practices[/tlt_list_item]

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The protection of copyrights, across national borders is a critical part of the IP
practice of the Whittier Law Group. Our attorneys register and protect the copyrights of our
clients in various forms from books, computer programs, motion pictures, paintings,
photographs, plays, sound and video recordings. The issues we handle in this area are equally
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[tlt_list_item]Copyright Registration[/tlt_list_item]
[tlt_list_item]Online Copyright Protections[/tlt_list_item]
[tlt_list_item]U.S. Customs Service Registrations[/tlt_list_item]
[tlt_list_item]Registration Status Investigations[/tlt_list_item]
[tlt_list_item]Copyright Ownership Investigations[/tlt_list_item]
[tlt_list_item]Licensing of Derivative Works and Compilations[/tlt_list_item]
[tlt_list_item]Country Specific Copyright Registrations[/tlt_list_item]