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International Trade Law

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World trade and commerce is now the single biggest component of any national economy.  The attorneys of the Whittier Law Group have over a quarter century of experience assisting the import/export community in navigating the complex laws, rules and regulations governing international trade.

Our mission is to facilitate trade and global commerce through sound legal advocacy and careful attention to our clients’ particular business model.  We specialize in serving shippers, freight forwarders, customs brokers, manufacturers, distributors and all who form part of the international trade process.

The Whittier Law Group operates in the global arena through a network of legal professionals and international trade experts who make it possible for us to provide our clients with the most current advice on new laws and regulations; as well as political developments and risk factors that may affect a client’s existing or prospective import/export plans.

The tragedy of September 11, 2001, has seen the United States enact a bevy of new laws and regulations intended to secure international trade logistics to and from the U.S.  Under the “informed compliance” policy, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), has placed a duty on every importer and exporter to know the new trade laws and to comply with them.  The Whittier Law Group exists to provide our clients such compliance advice on these new legal mandates:
[tlt_list_item]The Customs Modernization Act and its amendments[/tlt_list_item]
[tlt_list_item]Tariff Classification Appeals[/tlt_list_item]
[tlt_list_item]C-TPAT Registration[/tlt_list_item]
[tlt_list_item]Bioterrorism Act 2002 Compliance[/tlt_list_item]
[tlt_list_item]S. Customs Ruling Letter Requests[/tlt_list_item]
[tlt_list_item]Petition and Mitigation Appeals[/tlt_list_item]
[tlt_list_item]Company Specific Import Management Programs[/tlt_list_item]
[tlt_list_item]Duty Drawback[/tlt_list_item]
[tlt_list_item]Supply Chain Compliance Management[/tlt_list_item]
With regard to our clients who are exporters, we advise on a host of issues specific to the shipment of goods from the United States to destinations abroad.  Our mission is to guide the client away from avoidable breaches of the law regarding the nature of goods being exported, countries under sanctions and political risk.  These issues include:
[tlt_list_item]Exports and re-exports of advanced technologies to developing countries[/tlt_list_item]
[tlt_list_item]Country specific trade sanctions (e.g., Sudan, Iran, North Korea, Cuba, Russia)[/tlt_list_item]
[tlt_list_item]Sector specific controls: Encryption Technology, Advanced Weaponry, Advanced Surveillance and Night-Vision Technology[/tlt_list_item]
[tlt_list_item]Anti-boycott regulations[/tlt_list_item]
[tlt_list_item]Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and anti-bribery protocols[/tlt_list_item]
[tlt_list_item]“Deemed Exports” related to foreign national employees[/tlt_list_item]
[tlt_list_item]Due Diligence investigations for prospective mergers & acquisitions by foreign corporations and individuals[/tlt_list_item]
[tlt_list_item]Arms sales

As a firm client, the Whittier Law Group can advise you and your company on all of the issues listed above and more, depending on your business requirements, as they relate to trade with the United States.  Part of this effort is to create proactive, compliance programs for clients that will anticipate possible conflicts with U.S. Customs, the U.S. State Department or other agencies.  Our compliance programs build right into the client’s business procedures and serve as prima facie evidence to CBP, FDA and other government agencies that our clients are compliant with the law.


We invite you to contact The Whittier Law Group at 212-537-9185, for a free consultation on how your international business can benefit from our expert and proactive legal representation.