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    The choice of a lawyer is an important step in resolving many business and personal problems.  After contacting the Whittier Law Group, an initial consultation will take place between the client and an experienced attorney to define the legal issues in your case and help you determine the best, most cost-effective solution to your problem.
    Every case and every client is unique and so are the legal issues they are confronting.  The Whittier Law Group, with its extensive network of attorneys, both in the U.S. and throughout the world, will make certain that the right legal minds are applied to bring the client to their desired legal resolution.
    The Whittier Law Group encourages you to contact us today for that important first consultation.  We are so confident that we can assist in resolving your legal problem or protecting your vital interests within the law, that we will donate the first half-hour of the consultation free of charge.
    Therefore, please contact us using the e-mail form and review our attorney consultation page to help you prepare for your meeting with our firm. – Charles A. Whittier, Esq.
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